Pepper Tree Farm provides a 24 hour foal watch service during the stud foaling season. With veterinary staff on-site, your mare will receive veterinary attention within minutes should the need arise. Our purpose built foaling centre includes individual foaling yards with shelters as well as small foaling paddocks and a foal watch tower and treatment centre. Our aim is to provide the maximum support for your mare to deliver a live, healthy foal and we also provide post foaling tests to detect possible problems.

There is no doubt that early intervention results in better outcomes. The Pepper Tree Farm stud runs in conjunction with its veterinary partner Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic. The clinic is fully equipped to intensively treat your foal should it become unwell. (Check out our Intensive Care Unit).


Foaling Package
This fee covers the 24 hour supervision including foaling alarms and night watch personnel, as well colostrum and IgG blood testing after foaling.